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the times chelsea flower show mushroom music

The Times
Chelsea Flower Show tunes in to mushrooms, the great decomposers

All life forms emit electronic signals. I've converted them into midi-notes which is a way of digitising music and used that to compile a soundtrack. I have used multiple speakers hidden across the garden to create a living soundscape, all composed by the plants themselves.

Country & Townhouse

Country & Townhouse
The Power Of Sound Healing

An all-out soundscape experience where music and treatments work together in harmony.

the herald

The Herald
Wind down this winter with these unconventional therapies

The Charlotte Square spa has recently become home to the UK’s first sound wellness room. Known as the Swell Room, this revolutionary concept has been designed to harness the therapeutic nature of sound.

hello! beauty

Hello! Magazine
Spa Struck

Feel the new year to-do list melt away as you submerge your feet into the warm seaweed foot bath to signal the start of the session.

european spa magazin (1)

European Spa Magazine
Kimpton Charlotte Square opens sound therapy Swell Room

Tailored therapeutic techniques are designed to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and stress, while promoting bringing equilibrium to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

spa businesss

Spa Business
Stress-busting sound wellness treatments debut at Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel

"The Swell Room ensures our guests can have a 360-degree therapeutic experience when visiting the Spa at Kimpton Charlotte Square."

edinburgh news

The Scotsman
A visit to Kimpton Charlotte Square's sound therapy Swell Room

"I close my eyes and listen to the composition, which was created from field recordings in the Hebrides and Lake Geneva, among other places. It includes a selection of sounds to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and lower blood pressure."

scarlet spy

The Good Spa Guide
Scarlet Spy tries... the Ishga Sound Therapy

The soundtrack is designed to dig into negative emotions too. By layering sounds over each other you can bamboozle the brain and, unable to find patterns in the sounds, it simply relinquishes – which explains what happened to me.

european spa digital online

European Spa Magazine (online)
Coworth Park launches sound therapy treatment

“Since launching the treatment, it has received the most wonderful feedback from our guests. The music composition has made this a very unique experience allowing the mind to be taken on a journey of deep relaxation and restoration.”

Leisure Opportunities

Leisure Opportunities
Award-winning DJ launches Swell to bring sound wellness to spa sector

Music psychology specialist, Brian d’Souza, has launched a sound wellness business to offer transformative sound experiences to the spa, wellness and hospitality industries.

CLAD News Swell launch

Designer Brian d’Souza launches Swell to create evocative soundscapes for physical environments

Swell is aiming to provide therapists with an audio solution to elevate treatments and create more immersive environments. d'Souza also suggests using the audio for standalone wellness experiences or to accompany treatments.

Resident Advisor Swell

Resident Advisor
Brian d'Souza, AKA Auntie Flo, starts sound wellness business, Swell

Swell will create bespoke compositions, field recordings and natural soundscapes for spas, wellness centres and other hospitality businesses.


European Spa (Online)
‘La Chambre Verte’ promotes the benefits of biophilic design

Guests can also experience a bespoke, nature-based immersive soundscape within the room, created by Swell. This novel approach combines field recordings of birdsong in Blythswood Square and the surrounding area with sound therapy techniques and relaxing musical compositions from the studio of Brian d’Souza.