"The Future of Spa"

Forbes, 2022

Swell believe that better listening leads to improved health and well-being.

We deliver 'Sound Treatments', combining field recordings, music composition, sound therapy with ground-breaking technology to help harness the power of sound as experience. For spas, hotels, workspaces and any business focussing on health.

Transformative listening experiences for well-being, relaxation and cognitive clarity.

Swell makes access to sound therapy techniques easy, mobile and inclusive so that every space can benefit from Sound Wellness

Deep Listening

Rest and relaxation through restorative deep listening can be the antidote to our busy modern lives. We aim to guide and encourage good listening practice and habits lifelong.

Flexible Delivery

We design, develop and support our innovative software platform and apps in house with 14+ years of experience and evolution alongside 2000+ clients.

Revenue Driving

Bespoke sound treatments for spas and wellness spaces will offer differentiation within the market where sound experience is typically ill considered.

Functional Sound

Implementation of Sound therapy techniques will ensure each composition is fit for purpose - designed for relaxation, entraining the body and mind to quiet and calm.

Authentic Process

We record original biophilic sounds traditional sound healing instruments to ensure our sound treatments are immersive, beneficial according to scientific study and brand centric.

Bespoke Composition

Combining field recordings and original instrumentation with sound therapy techniques we tailor each soundscape for a variety of different spa treatment their intensities and durations.

The Team

Brian d’Souza

Musician & CEO

Brian is an award-winning international DJ, music producer, and founder of Open Ear Music. Brian has an academic background in music psychology with an MA in psychology and MSc in sound design and recently trained as a Sound Therapist. He runs a 24hr Radio station ‘Ambient Flo’ which combines ambient music from around the world with birdsong to facilitate relaxation and creative flow. This project amongst others has been a springboard for furthering this work in ‘Sound Wellness’ for businesses and individuals.

Dan Spinney

Creative Director

Dan brings a breadth of marketing experience and specialism in brand building and activation, bringing memorable cultural experiences to life. At Sonos, Dan was the Global Brand Activation manager launching premium audio products in key markets around the world. Combining a lifelong passion for music, and personal development through mindfulness practices, Dan is focused on bringing sound wellness to a global audience through meaningful experiences.